Over the course of the years, mostly due its seasonal sales, Steam has basically been raised to a Religion-like status, with followers all over the world praising the service for all the cheap games they’ll never manage to play simply because no one has enough time for that.

So why do I say that I prefer GOG?

For a series of reasons.

Personally I value games by time more than pure $$$. And when I say “time” I mean: how long am I going to play this game? And do I have the time to play it?

I like to finish games, and I find easy or short games to be a waste of time. I favor replayability and long single player campaigns over a beautiful story that lasts 5 hours or multiplayer in general.

Steam is mostly focused on recent games, and the vast majority of those have little to no appeal to me. Games that I bought from steam in the last few years?

FTL (I’d have preferred buying it on GOG but Steam was the first place to offer it at 50% discount soon after its release) : 72 hours played

Deus Ex: HR (2,49$) : 12 hours played

Dota 2, free: 111 hours played

Nba 2k13, 29$ (on release) : 105 hours played

Civilization 5, cannot remember the price (Christmas sales): 12 hours played

All my other games on Steam come from Humble Bundle, Indie Gala, or games bought in a store that require Steam Works (Skyrim collector’s Edition, for example).

In the near future I may consider Rome 2, and in October I’ll get the new Nba2k14.

Game that I bought from GOG?

Baldurs Gate 1 + 2 + all expansions

Lords of the Realms 1 + 2 + expansion

Neverwinter saga

Humans must Answer

Planescape Torment

Icewind Dale 1 + 2

Those are in the last 10 months, and the amount of played hours is out of the roof.

I know a lot of people who spend massive amounts of money during Steam sales to buy a lot of games, and then they never play them. The same applies for Humble Bundle, their offers are amazing but not all games are appealing, and a lot of people get a bundle for 1/5$ and then just play 1 or 2 games.

On GOG I can get the best old games for a price that is insanely cheap, especially when it comes down to the question: How long can I play this game? (later on I’ll write a post about Lord of the Realm 2, the younger brother I’ve never had).

Not all modern games suck, but there’s no game in the last 5/6 years that I’d rate higher than Baldur’s Gate, especially when BG comes around 2/3$ on offer an can be played for over 100 hours ON EACH WALK THROUGH.

One more thing I don’t like about steam (actually I hate this one): 




That’s just so annoying. When I get a game from GOG I can install it DRM free on all my 3 computers and play it offline anytime I want.

One more feature that’s not exactly bad, but’s implemented in a way that makes it kinda lame:Image

“Hey dude, your game sucks ass but is based on our Source engine? NO WORRIES, let’s publish it together for 30$! What about you? Best indie title ever? For 5$? NOPE, better luck next time”.


By no extent do I mean that Steam is a piece of garbage (if I said that I may incur in terrorist attacks), and not everything on GOG is actually perfect (some older games don’t always work well on modern computers). I just find it silly that during Steam Sales you can find people spreading the word of Lord Gabe on ANY social network or forum, spending heaps of money for games they may never actually play to completion , while if GOG prepares a deal with the best RPGs in history for 15$ a lot of people would miss it because they have no idea what GOG is (or GMG, Indiegala etc etc).