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It’s always nice to see the release of a new Humble Bundle: lots of games and we can pay what we want. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes they’re a bit “meh”.

The Humble Bundle 9 so far includes 6 games, all of which could be worth buying full price.

Trine 2 is a nice mix of 2d fantasy action and platforming game:Image

Mark of the Ninja is a Shinobi-wannabe game, a 2d action game with some stealth involved:


Eets Munchies is a puzzle games that requires the use of physics:


Brutal Legend is a 3rd person action game with some real time strategy elements to it:


Fez is a 2d platform/puzzle game:


And last but not least we have FTL, that I praise on a daily basis, a rogue-like game set in space with real-time battles:


This bundle packs a ton of quality and it’s definitely worth buying. As if that was not enough, soundtracks are included (FTL’s soundtrack is nothing short of amazing), and more games will be unlocked in the next few days.

To me the highlight is by far FTL: it’s one of the best games released in the last year or so, it can be bought on GOG or steam for 2.49$ on sale (go with GOG so that you don’t need to worry about any steam updates), so the rest of the games would only cost a couple of bucks. Unless you absolutely hate platformers, puzzle games, 2c action games and Jack Black this bundle is amazing.