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I’m now 12 games into the season, so I’ll add a few first impressions to the game.

Keep in mind two things:

a) It’s not a review yet

b) I only play My Career

Ok, let’s start with bugs and annoying stuff. Apart from the endgame press conference that I cannot skip, the game is much smoother than 2k13. I had a game that ended during overtime and both teams were shooting plenty of FTs, in 2k13 it would have taken me hours, staring at the referees holding the ball for no reason, but all those problems seems to have been fixed.


A lot more 3 pointers. Players are not shy now, if they have an opening they’ll go for it, which is awesome because 2k13 was 95% about covering the paint, while now the defense needs to take care of everyone. It’s cool on both sides of the floor, because it happened hundreds of times on 2k13 that I’d pass the ball to a wide open 3p shooter, just to stare at him waiting for the defender to approach him and pass the ball away -_- . There are times when players get a bit crazy on 3 pointers, and they’d decide to shoot even with the defender on their face, but I find it quite realistic and enjoyable.

NEVER CALL THE BALL, OMG DON’T DO IT, EVER. No matter what’s the situation, even if you’re wide open under the basket and try to call for the basket ONCE, your teammates will consider you a douche and you’ll get a penalty in your team rating. Moreover, IF they actually decide to give you the ball they’ll often pass it PAINFULLY SLOWLY and it will get intercepted. I might as well unbind that key.


My first impression after a couple of games was that defense got a nice boost, and it’s proving a correct impression. Blocking, stealing and intercepting are a bit easier, and screens are easier to handle. It’s also much easier to defend in the post, which is a great improvement because in 2k13 as soon as you got a high rating in low-post offence and inside/mid range shooting it was basically game over. My second season as a center was basically a joke, averaging 50pts per game simply because the defense would often fall for pump fakes, and even if they didn’t they’d have few chances to stop the character from actually scoring when close to the basket.

It feels pretty balanced, defending the post is easier but you need to pay more attention on 3 pointers.

A nice improvement are the social media challenges. People from the opposing team will mock you before the game, saying stuff like:”YOU’LL NEVER MANAGE TO OUTSCORE ME”, or:”I’LL KEEP YOU UNDER 10 POINTS” etc etc,  and if you prove them wrong you get additional skill points. 

So far so good!