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Random Review: Impetus, customizable HIIT on Android

It’s easy to find training programs for bicycle riders: Endomondo, MapMyRide, Strava and others all offer great features but can be quite costly and miss one thing I really need: a good HIIT section.

A quick look on Google Play will give you many results, but most of them require money upfront to buy the program, or will give you the program for free and put most of the useful functions behind a paywall.

Then comes Impetus.

This HIIT program is amazing for 2 reasons: its functionality and the business model.

It’s incredibly easy to setup any kind of HIIT, you can customize it in anyway possible and it took me no longer than one minute to set up my HIIT training consisting of warm up, 8 intervals of different length and duration and the final rest period. On one side you have the length of the current interval, and on the right you have the total duration or time left of your training (I prefer the latter).
There’s also a sound notice to let you know when an interval is close to finish: when there are only 3 seconds left Impetus will remind you with a few beep-sounds, so that you can start to adjust your pace.

And what about the business model? Why is it so great?

Because ALL the important features of the program are available for FREE, and what comes with the purchase of Impetus Pro is a few extra commodity features, such as custom music playlists and training presets. Both features are not really needed (I run PowerAmp, start my playlist, run Impetus and train while I listen to my music), but I think that anyone who tries this program and likes it should get the pro version.

I find it really frustrating when I download a “free” program just to find that 80% of useful features are missing, placed behind a paywall. Impetus lets you try the core of it and allows you to prepare your HIIT training on your smartphone absolutely for free, and if you enjoy it you can reward the programmer for its effort.

My advice? If you ever to try some HIIT training, download Impetus and you’ll not be disappointed. If you enjoy it, then please buy the pro version because the guy behind Impetus deserves it, and we should reward this kind of business model, without paywalls and IA purchases. The pro version is 1.29$, quite affordable.

Free Version:

Pro Version:

PS: I don’t know the guy who made Impetus, I’m writing this article just to share a great program that’s also darn cheap. If he’ll send me a new full carbon bike for free I’ll appreciate it, though.