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I was about to write my list of top picks for the current sale, but it looks like Total Biscuit’s list is basically identical to mine and he made a nice video explaining what to get.


TB is putting a lot of effort into his YT channel and he delivers a great amount of valuable content for any pc videogamer, so I’m definitely happy to share his video and bring him some extra views (hopefully).

Personally, a title that I’d definitely add to his list is S.P.A.Z. : Space Pirates and Zombies. It’s a very nice game set in space, you can fly your small fleet and fight against…well….space pirates and zombies, it looks nice, has a huge amount of content in terms of ships, equipment and customization, an interesting campaign and has plenty of replay ability. My favorite space game of the last few years (apart from the almighty FTL, but that’s on a different level).