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For anyone who was born in the 70’s/80’s simply hearing the name Team 17 brings back many memories. Back in the age of the Amiga, basically any release from Team 17 was worth buying.

Unfortunately, this bundle does not include the titles that actually made Team 17 a legendary software house.

I think it’s a shame that Project X and the ORIGINAL Alien Breed games were not included.

Worms Armageddon is great (the other Worms games are pretty meh).

Super Frog brings back good memories, definitely a good game for this kind of bundle.

The newer Alien Breed games…well, they’re not BAD, but the original, insane hard, unfair and scary game was far far better.

If the bundle had:

Alien Breed (the original)

Worms Armageddon

Super Frog

Body Blows

Project X

Lemmings (Team 17 worked on a PSP port)

I’d have said:”OMG JUST BUY IT NOW EVEN IF IT’S 20$”.

For a bunch of Worms games, with only Armageddon being really good, Alien Breed’s remakes and Super Frog…uhm…personally I’ll pass. It’s a shame this bundle is on the Weekly sale. If it was a “regular” bundle there would have been a chance for additional games.

With that said, if you’ve never played any Worms games go for it, dropping 1$ for Armageddon and Super Frog is a great bargain. Paying 6$ for the 3 new Alien Breed games depends from person to person, I’d suggest checking out some “Let’s play” or reviews on Youtube, to see if it’s a game you may enjoy.