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I have planned a touring+landscape photography project that I’ll start the next year, climbing the amazingly beautiful Taiwanese mountains with my bicycle while taking photos of this charming island.

In order to do so, I needed a full-feature dslr that’s also weatherproof and tough, and not too expensive. The choice ended up on a Nikon D7100. To be honest, my original plan was to get the slightly older D7000, but here in Taiwan the price for the D7100 with local warranty is almost 30% cheaper than in the rest of the world, so I decided to pour in a bit of extra cash and get the newer model which comes with a great bracketing mode.

So, how did the camera perform so far, while I was getting used to the new UI, commands etc etc?

Day 1: the battery of the camera was at roughly 10% out of the box, so I left it at home to recharge and I went outside to get to work. Needless to say, on that same day we’ve had an amazing sunset, and while I was riding my bike in front of the local Art Museum the clouds in the sky on the left and right of the museum looked like a reflection of each other. Would have been an amazing pic, but NOPE.

Day 2: FULL BATTERY, TIME TO HIT THE ROAD….it starts raining, everything is gray.

Day 3: Not a single ray of light.

Dat 4: Not a single ray of light.


I’ve used the camera indoor and it works great. The learning curve is a bit steep and some of the controls are not very intuitive (I wish Nikon used a touch screen for its top of the line DX model), but once you get used to it the picture quality is outstanding

Now, if the camera will bless me with a couple of sunny days I’ll finally bring it outside for a test drive to an Earthquake Museum not far away. I know that I could do it right now, but for its baptism I was looking forward something that does not simply look gray and flat.