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There was quite a bit buzz not long ago when SRAM introduced its line of hydraulic disc brakes for road bikes. Well, it didn’t all went that well. What you can read below is a report of Bike Radar that discusses an official bulletin from SRAM, and if you have bought a bike with SRAM disc brakes in the last 2 months you should definitely check it out.

SRAM has asked frame manufacturers to stop selling bikes fitted with recent models of RED22 and S700 Hydro Road brakes over a safety issue.

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According to a technical bulletin issued by the American company, which BikeRadar has seen, the stop sell applies to both versions of the brakes with serial numbers between 36T30000000 and 42T39999999 shipped to bike assembly points and after-market distribution channels after 5 September 2013. Product shipped before this date is not affected.

The serial number is found on the brake caliper (rim or disc) and on the outside of the box containing the product.

SRAM’s technical bulletin on the issue says affected brake systems already in the market will be handled via the normal warranty process.

Stay tuned for further details.”