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The endless steam of copy-paste military shooters that we’ve had in the last years made me lose most of the interest in any sort of online fps game.
With one exception.

Ages ago, a lone Ibis, who back in the days had no online nickname, decided to try a game called Tribes. And it was love at first sight. A very hard game to master, fast paced and with no room for error. Tribes 2 is still BY FAR my favorite online fps ever.

Tribes:Ascend is the latest incarnation of the Tribes series, and even though it has some shortcomings it’s an outstanding game that everyone should try. If you’re a regular fps player you should like the challenge that a game like that can bring, and if you’ve never been into fps at all you may find something worth trying.

This video sums up my last hours of gameplay in the Australian servers. The Australian community for Tribes:Ascend is very active, and you can easily find them on Bittah.com . I’ve played T:A for almost 1 year and had an insane amount of fun. Unfortunately, T:A is not just an fps, but it’s an extremely FAST fps that requires huge precision. Moving to Taiwan raised my ping from 30/40 to close to 300, and that pretty much killed it for me. I tried to log-in a couple of times, and it just doesn’t feel the same.

As I mentioned in the video description, this video is definitely not a display of skill. I’ve only had the chance to start recording my games few days before leaving Australia, so it’s just a random collage of some of my last games.


It’s free.