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Another zombie survival game??? Don’t we already have enough???

The answer to both questions is “YES”, but PZ tries to take a different approach. It looks and play like an isometric game from the 90s (ok, graphics are a bit updated, but it definitely not next-gen), and it puts a strong emphasis on surviving, building, cooking and stay alive, rather than:”SHOT EVERYTHING”. It is very moddable, which is always a nice feature for this kind of game.

The development of PZ had quite a few hiccups, like stolen game keys and a shortage of money. If the game had been released one year ago it would not feel like:”OH NO, NOT ANOTHER ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GAME”.

Since I’ve not joined the pre-release or beta, but I’ve heard some nice things about the game from people who are in, I’ll keep my eyes open for a few days to see if the game turned out to be interesting.


There’s a pretty old demo available, so you can check it out but don’t base your considerations solely on that. The game will be available starting from the coming Friday 11th November.