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The New Humble Store is here!


The guys behind the Humble Bundle started with a few collections of games separated by long breaks, then they introduced the Weekly Sale and now we also get a store with daily offers. While not as amazing as the classic pay-what-you-want bundles, these daily sales allow us to pick up single games at a large discount. Not all games are bound to be included in a Humble Bundle, so this looks like a great place to look for bargains.

Today’s offers:


Don’t starve: a survival game set in a world where you have been trapped by a demon. It looks like a cute Tim Burton style game, but it’s actually a pretty interesting and deep survival game.

Euro Truck simulator 2: well, there are trucks.

Natural Selection 2: if you like aliens and marines, and you were painfully disappointed by Aliens: Colonial Marines, give NS2 a shot. It’s a fun title that combines FPS and RTS, and while the learning curve is incredibly steep, once you get familiar with the game mechanics and what you need to do in multiplayer games to push your team to the victory, it’s an extremely enjoyable game.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare: games like Chivalry, War of the Roses etc have become pretty well known in the last few years. Chivalry is the most successful game in this medieval combat simulation kind of genre, and has plenty of players all over the world.

Orcs Must Die 2: I loved the first OMD for its fast gameplay and enjoyable sense of humor. The only thing that OMD lacked was multiplayer, and it’s in OMD2. The single player feels a bit like “more of the same”, but if you’ve never played the original or you want to enjoy some co-op, this game packs a ton of fun.

The Swapper: it’s a platform-puzzle game which means I never played it, it’s not my genre, but it’s considered one of the best in its league.

Rogue Legacy: I like roguelike games, but I’ve never enjoyed RL. Some people love it, but I found its controls to be a bit unnatural.

Gunpoint:  this is an amazing stealth game. You take the role of a spy and you need to make your way through the security systems and guards of several buildings in order to retrieve the documents required by your “employers”. It plays beautifully.

Prison Architect: I kept this one at the end because it’s an amazing game. The idea is simple: build a prison, let prisoners inside and manage the whole lot. But the depth of the game, the customization and the amount of detail all combine to make it one of the best simulation/management games of the last few years. AND IT’S STILL IN ALPHA. This indie game, while in Alpha, has a lot more features and depth than any AAA title in recent memory. Some people ignore it for the slightly high price point, at 30$ it’s one of the most expensive indie titles on the market. My suggestion? If you like simulation and management games, check out some “Let’s play” videos on youtube to see with your own eyes how deep this game actually is. I think that for anyone who enjoys this kind of game, the 50% of from the Humble Store is a deal you should not pass.