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Prison Architect (amazing!) and Euro Truck (ehm…trucks) were in yesterday’s offers at a lower price, so I’d skip them and wait for the next time they’ll appear again at a higher discount.

Papers, Please and Alan Wake are both amazing games but don’t buy them. Papers, Please let’s you play the role of an airport custom officer who has to check the passport and documents of all the visitors who intend to enter your country. It takes a lot of attention to look for all the details that could hide a person with a fake passport or someone who has everything (seemingly) in order but is actually carrying a gun. Alan Wake on the other hand is a very well made survival-horror game, definitely one of the best horror franchises of the last few years, especially after Resident Evil became utter garbage. The reason why I’d not buy them, is that during Steam Sales it’s very easy to get them at a much lower price. Hold on!

Dust: an Elysian Tale is a great side scrolling 2d action game, with a bit of platforming here and there. The art style is gorgeous and the gameplay feels just as good. The current 50% discount is ok-ish, the title is absolutely worth that amount of money, but Christmas sales are behind the corner.

Last but not least: Planetary Annihilation. I WANT THIS GAME TO SUCCEED, we need more rts games, and this one may be a worthy successor to some classic games. It’s currently in Alpha, personally I’ll wait until release, even if it means I’ll have to pay full price. If you’re into rts, this game is definitely worth your attention.