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ONE Night

To be honest, I’m not 100% satisfied with this pic. The problem is the moon. Even playing with the white balance I didn’t manage to get a clear shot of the moon through the clouds within my exposures. Once I got home and started to check each picture I realized that I should have taken one extra exposure focusing exclusively on the moon, adjusting aperture and shutter speed to get a clear shot of it, and then mask it in the final Hdr through Paint Shop. Since it was too late to get back there and take another picture, I decided to keep a surreal effect, which is something I don’t usually enjoy much in an Hdr. It was the first time for me to attempt a 5 exposure Hdr that includes the moon, so the next time I’ll be more prepared, and hopefully 5 extra minutes of work for the additional exposure and playing around in paint Shop will give me a picture I do like.

We never stop learning! Next time the moon won’t look like a Hadouken.

PS: That building is a hotel, and the name is ONE. Just in case you were wondering about the title.