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Park Skyline

This is what happens when you wait for the sunset, but the clouds decide to cover the sun right before it goes down.

While I was walking in the park I found a spot that created a nice contrast between the plants in the park and the skyline. The sky in the distance was starting to show some nice patterns of orange and pink colors, so I setup my tripod hoping that the part of the sky I was staring at would benefit from such colors. NOPE. The sunset behind me became obscured by some passing clouds that cut off all the light, so all that I got was a regular blue sky with a tiny little bit of extra colors in the clouds.

The main reason why I decided to keep this picture is that in my ongoing process to learn how to post-process Hdr pictures, I focused mostly on the plants and I like the final result. They’re not particularly sharp (too windy), but I like their colours.