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The Man Berhind the Feast

When the people working at a restaurant give me a great service and some great food I always make sure to let them know how much I appreciated their effort. And that is truer than ever when a single man serves food for a fully booked venue.

Hundreds of people gathered at the restaurant to celebrate their anniversary, and while everyone was having fun, enjoying the dance shows and the fireworks, one man alone was preparing the main dish for everyone. He spent hours next to the fireplace, taking care of the flames and slicing the meat by hand with a small knife.

He was too busy to enjoy the party, but every time someone walked by the fire to thank him for his great food, you would see the smile of a fulfilled man.

The pic was taken with my 50mm 1.8 lens. I did not spend a lot of time in post processing, I only had to remove some noise and increased contrast a bit.

If I had better post-processing skills I’d try to cover the light behind the drum, I’ll try to do it in the future.