You may recognize the setting of this picture thanks to the man in the left background. He was the subject of yesterday’s picture!

Things that I’ve learned from taking pictures of girls dancing in low light:

a) CURSE YOU, AUTOFOCUS. My eyes are not exactly great, so for fast moving subjects I tend to rely on the autofocus and keep my fingers crossed. I decided to take my shot at f1.8 to get a shallow depth of field and place all the attention on the girl. Unfortunately, the camera decided to focus on….well, I’m not sure, because upon inspecting the picture in Paintshop I could not see anything in clear focus. Sigh.

b) I hate the fact that the hands of the girl have been cut off the picture, and that problem happened to me very often shooting with my 50mm lens. It’s a lens that I love and it’s amazing to carry around all the time (especially for its combination of size and low light capability), but when I have no idea what I’m going to shoot, I should really pack a lens with a wider zoom range.

c) I spent most of the time shooting at Iso 1600 / 3200 depending on the position of the subject. At Iso 3200 the RAW files out of the camera are ok-ish, but Paintshop does a pretty good job at reducing noise.