Before my D7100 I had a Sony Nex-C3. The C3 was a tiny marvel when it comes to picture quality, but it was lacking an insane amount of features compared to a proper dslr, and I’ve always had complaints about the auto focus.

Well, now there are times when I kinda miss that auto focus! What was cool about the C3 was that all I had to do was to tell her what I was planning to do, and she would react accordingly.

Me:”Hey, I’m shooting a sunrise landscape!”

C3:”No worries, everything will be in focus and I’ll adjust white balance and exposure accordingly”.

Me:”Doing portrait now!”

C3:”Sure thing mate”.

Me:”Now I’m at an aquarium and I’m shooting a penguin through a window!”

C3:”fzzzz…..kferrs……DOES-NOT-COMPUTE *explodes*…”  (ok, it didn’t actually explode, but it spent hours trying to focus on the windows).

So my first few weeks with the D7100 had a lot of pleasant moments, especially because I spend most of my time looking for nice landscapes or interesting street views and when you focus to infinity there’s not much to worry about. If you check my previous post “Softly” you’ll notice that I complained about the auto focus of my camera because in many of my pictures it worked kinda poorly. Since most people agree that the D7100 has a great AF system, and I’m new with the camera (as well as new to shooting moving subjects) I assumed that it must have been a user’s problem. So I went to have a chat with a fellow D7100 shooter and her reply was:

“Oh yeah, the D7100’s AF works great compared to most other cameras, but you just need to set it up properly. So you need to chose if you want to have full AF, single press AF or continuous AF depending on the situation, and then you need to choose the amount and position of focus points you want the camera to use, and then you need to position those focus points depending on your target and the composition you’re looking for.”

Yep, it’s JUST that. So, my goal for the next few days will be to look for some interesting* moving stuff that will force me to practice using the AF on my camera, because if I keep shooting landscapes I’ll never learn how to use it properly. I just wish that the D7100 could work in a similar way to the C3, like:”I want to focus this, that and THAT THING in particular! —-> no worries bro!”, but it looks like technology is not there yet.

By the way, tomorrow I’ll go patent the idea of voice-guided-autofocus-system, patent trolls beware.

* = every single time that I take my camera and hang around looking for some interesting situation, nothing happens the sky is gray and every object looks sad. I’ll probably end up taking a pic of a motorbike, apply B&W filter and hope someone will think:”Wow, B&W, looks so cool, you really captured the character of that motorbike”.

P.S. : I’ve had a busy day at work and someone broke my bike while it was parked (probably hit by a scooter on its way out of the parking lot), so no new pictures today, and a lot of bike maintenance due tomorrow.