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Colors Breakthrough


The reason why I did not have the chance to post anything for the last few days was the weather. We’ve suddenly experienced a cold front from the north that dropped the temperature by a few degrees and covered the sky in grey for a few days. When the sky is grey I feel deeply uninspired, no matter what’s in front of me. Today the sky was beautifully clear. Some photographers may say that the middle hours of the day are not ideal because the light from the top makes everything a bit flat, and sunrise/sunset are the best for landscapes. Well, I do agree on that, but after 3 days under a grey dome I’d have been happy to take a picture of a sunny pile of horse dung.

I jumped on my bike and I stopped by a park that had a nice, colorful look. Apparently a lot of people have been waiting for a bit of sunlight, as the park was full of life and visitors, which made a 5 exposure shot a bit tricky. I spent a bit of time waiting until most people were standing or moving very slowly and I quickly took the 5 exposures. The amount of light allowed me to use a fast shutter speed, and some post processing removed the ghosting.

Is the picture too “flashy”? Yes. Is there a halo in the sky? Yes. Are the colors a bit over saturated? Yes. Do I care? Nope. After 3 grey days, I could spend hours staring at this picture feeling nothing but joy.

Technical note: at f8 the sky looks perfect even going pixel by pixel, while at f20 it’s full of spots. I usually shot at f8/10/12 when doing landscapes, but I need to keep in mind that I should clean the sensor soon.