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Colorful Autumn


Some things about living in a tropical country suck ass: typhoons, rain, humidity, mosquitos etc etc.

But some things are pretty cool: fruit, plants, flowers and, especially, fake winters.

I call them “fake winters”  because of what you can see in the above picture. Green plants, colorful flowers, blue sky, people enjoying an afternoon in the park, me taking a picture wearing a t-shirt: those are things that don’t fit well in an European-style winter. Of course, local people would still wear 2 shirts, jackets and gloves in order to face the challenging temperature around 15 degrees (and I’m talking Celsius here).


You may recognize this park from one of my previous uploads: https://randomibis.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/colors-breakthrough-the-story-behind-the-pic/

It’s the same location, just different position. I’ve decided to go for slightly less saturated colors, but I still wanted the picture to be pretty bright and colorful. There’s quite a bit of ghosting in this pic, and there’s no way I could remove it all in a reasonable amount of time. I only removed a couple of people that were ghosting in particularly distracting positions, and I’m pretty happy about my post processing because even though they were on an uneven surface I can only tell the presence of post-processing going with a 200% zoom in the right place.  As usual, it’s a 5 exposures Hdr.