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The title of the picture explain my feelings when I had a look at that place. I think that colorful house would have looked rather nice inside a public park, maybe near some kids games, surrounded by a few benches. Unfortunately, this is not a recreational place: someone thought that in order to promote their real estate agency it would have been cool to create a fake fairy tale house in a small empty space, fill it with grass, add a couple of trees and a colorful background….all of that right underneath some old, dirty buildings. The box left at the entrance doesn’t make it any better.

I’m usually a huge fan of bright colors and contrasts, but this place kinda hurt my head. I decided to take 5 exposures nonetheless, because when somethings strikes me to the point of stopping my bike just to have a quick look, it’s definitely worth a shot. I always enjoy writing these small articles regarding my pictures to let people know why I decided to go for it, even on something as uninspiring as this.