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Colorful park


In reference to my previous post:https://randomibis.wordpress.com/2013/12/01/colorful-winter-the-story-behind-the-pic/

On that day at the park I took many pictures, all of them were 5 exposures with different settings depending on position, light etc etc. Upon inspecting them on the computer I decided to keep some of those and I processed the picture Colorful Winter just a few days ago.

Over the last few days I’ve not had the chance to take any new photos due to my imminent moving, so I’ve had a look at some of my discarded pictures and just for fun I spent some time post processing one set of 5 exposures.

What I don’t get is the following: how come that the picture Colorful Winter has a lot of ghosting, while this random pic with a slower shutter speed (which means it should be more prone to ghosting) has virtually none? Did everyone, but that one guy by the river, freeze just long enough for my camera to take 5 shots? Did Photomatix go full retard on my previous picture?

Considering that other settings were identical (iso 100, f8, both sets taken from a tripod) and I combined them as an Hdr using the same settings, I really cannot fathom what happened.

When I get to the:”YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN THIS”, or when there’s an error in a picture, I always assume it’s the user’s fault, but in this case I’m kinda clueless.

Thanks to this unremarkable picture that I’ve only processed for the lolz, today I’ve learned that we never stop learning, but sometimes learning means that you need to learn that there are situation in which you cannot know how you learned what you think you’ve learned.