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I’m back! And I’ve had half an hour of sunlight! Holy ship!

What has happened in the last week or so: I’ve moved to a small town between seaside and mountains. The location is absolutely gorgeous, but the weather is currently a bit on the “meh” side. Winters here are well known for being painfully wet, and I’ve witnessed it in person. Basically I’ve had one sunny day that I had to use in order to unpack stuff and explore the area around my place for basic survival tools (such as a supermarket and a Tea store).

During the weekend I went to a lake that was once used as a wood storage facility. It’s now a national park, but it’s still possible to see how things were done over one century ago. Logs were stored in the water and a small railway system would take them to the rest of the island. The weather was as dull and grey as it could be, but I marked down on my map.

Today after a rainy morning the sun decided to show up for  a peek-a-boo game. I immediately jumped on my bike and I went back to that park. The sun has not been visible long enough to allow me to take as many pictures as I wanted to, but I still managed to grab quite a few.

I was charmed by this tree. It grew next to an artificial lake, then it broke probably because of the weather (northern winds and typhoons can be particularly nasty around here) but it didn’t give up. It slowly adjusted to its new location in the weather and just keeps growing. I especially liked the clear sky that reflected on the water.

Saturation? Pretty high. I’m a color-addicted, and if I see nothing but grey bot several days, I’ll saturate colors pretty heavily as soon as I get a bit of sunlight.

As usual, 5 exposures on tripod at 18mm. Two more weeks to go and I’ll put my hands on a wide angle lens, for my kind of photography 11mm will make a huge difference. Hopefully!