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the Third Level second take

Not too far away from where I leave there’s a waterfall composed by 3 different levels. The bottom one, which is the one you’re seeing right now, is the smallest one. The second one has a pretty high waterfall, and the first level at the top is really massive. Unfortunately the first level was closed due to bad weather conditions, and my lens was not wide enough to get a good capture of the second level. I settled for the third one, but when the good weather comes I’ll definitely get back there.

This was first attempt at an Hdr long exposure shot of a waterfall. A rather tricky shot, especially without the aid of a NB filter.

BUT….mother nature comes to the rescue!  The standard cloudy weather that I’ve had to endure for the last few days eventually came to my aid, as it naturally reduced the light.

I’m usually overly-critical about my pictures, but this is probably my favorite so far.

Composition: there was no other location available and that’s as much as I could fit. I used the 50mm f1.8 lens, not ideal for this kind of job but I wanted anice, sharp picture, so the 18-55mm was out of the equation.

Settings: due to the brightness of the waterfall and the lack of a NB filter it was impossible for me to go for long exposure, so I stepped down to f22, iso100 and set the camera for the slowest shutter speed available:  1,6 seconds. The fast flowing water combined with 5 pictures allowed me to get a very nice effect on the water, exactly what I was looking for. And I didn’t carry the tripod with me! I had to use rocks or fences to grab some nice pictures during my trip.

Post processing: that took quite a bit of work! I had to clean the picture from some sensor dust, then spent quite a bit of time playing with the saturation and I eventually decided to do it manually. On Paintshop I used the saturation brush and slowly highlighted all the things that deserved to.

So, all in all, I’m very pleased with this picture, and ‘m looking forward to go back there to take some more pictures with a tripod and wide angle lens.