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Recovering Overexposure

That was a tough job. Ok, first of all I know what you’re thinking: it’s over saturated! Those colors don’t look natural! I made it like that on purpose. Too much black and white over the last few days, I wanted to work with something that pleased my eyes in term of colors.

The problem that I had with this Hdr is that I fu…messed it up right from the beginning. I set the shutter speed too slow, so the sensor got too much light and a good 30% of the water was completely white. It took me a lot of time on Paintshop to artificially recreate some color, and then remove as much white as I could.

The final result is not a picture that I’d show to everyone feeling proud about the final result, but I’m glad that I managed to recover a lot of detail in an otherwise wasted picture. Practicing how to correct this kind of massive mistake will make it much easier to handle smaller errors.

Sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something.