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An Arch by the Lake

My first picture of the new year, and the starting point of my touring and photography project! The place is Plum Blossom Lake –  梅花湖, a nice little lake in the north-east region of Yilan – 宜蘭.

Getting there is a breeze for me, less then 8kms from where I live, but since today the weather was not totally horrible (aka: it was not raining), I decided to take pictures in many different places including a botanic garden on the side of a mountain and the small lake full of logs where I’ve already been previously. The whole ride became much more challenging, but definitely enjoyable.

Moreover, today was my first day with my new lens, the Tokina 11-16mm, I took many picture because I was really looking forward to some nice test field. Loving it so far, even though chromatic aberrations are a bit painful.

Plum Blossom Lake is guarded by a giant temple (little teaser here!) and surrounded by a bicycle path. As today was the first day without rain in weeks the place was crowded with visitors of all ages, trying to enjoy some time far from the city. If you want to spend a bit of time riding a bike around a nice and quiet lake, have a picnic and breath some fresh air, go for it! Just watch out for the local food: it’s a typical tourist area, which means prices tend to be 30/40/50% higher than in the city.

The location where I took this picture is a very small lane the runs just next to the lake and is not used by a lot of visitors. Most people prefer the bike path which is a few meters uphill on the right. Due to the lack of people I managed to get a nice, clear picture. This place has almost everything that I love: trees with oddly shaped branches, big tropical plants, water and a nice sunrise or sunset. Well, I said ALMOST, didn’t it?

Composition: I’d have preferred the path to be slightly more to the right, but if I did so I’d have been forced to include in my picture a part of the lake with nothing particular and a horrible building on the far left…not going to happen.