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Red Roots

A sunny day, it was about time!

I was quite shocked when, after 4 weeks of overcast weather, I opened my eyes and found a beautiful, bright, sunny day waiting ahead of me.

Unfortunately some clouds quickly covered the sun just before sunset, but I still managed to spend a bit of time in one of my favorite parks, enjoying the warmth of the sun and using my camera a bit.

I found quite a few things worth capturing, but I felt like the best followup to yesterday’s picture was this one. They’re somehow similar, but the different plant and location create a much different color pattern.  When I can see a strong contrast between colors my brain releases endorphin and I feel quite happy.

The location is a park called Sport Park, a rather boring name for a park that can be the place of some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in this area. Some small hills inside the park allow to get a glimpse of the sunrise on the sea and the sunset behind the central Taiwanese mountains, but it clearly depends on the weather.

There’s also a beautiful fountain that will allow me to get some cool long exposures when they turn it, today I was out of luck and missed the show by few minutes.