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Original picture here: https://randomibis.wordpress.com/2014/01/05/taiwan-a-picture-a-day-5th-of-january-ren-shan-french-garden/

The story behind this pic should be filled with anger and resentment, and while I write I should be swearing profusely, but since today it’s my birthday (yay!) I’ll try to be nice.

This picture was taken in the Ren Shan botanical garden. After climbing up a small hill I arrived at a beautiful location with an English style garden on my right and a French style garden on my left. Neat! I immediately proceeded to take a couple of pictures, and while I enjoyed the look of the garden from this corner I already envisioned what would have been my final pic: an Hdr from the center of the garden with the flowing fountain and the mountain scenery behind it.

On the right of the picture you can easily spot some stairs, they’re just a few meters away from the fountain. As soon as I put my feet on those stairs the fountain shut off. I’m not kidding, the timing seemed like a sign by some kind of metaphysical entity giving me the finger and telling me:”NOT TODAY”. Well then, I had to settle for the corner.

The original pic was much bigger, I decided to crop part of the sky because the top of those mountains is filled by power lines. I had to spend a bit of time in Paintshop to remove some of them in a way that’s not visible you zoom in a lot. On a regular size print it’s basically not visible. I’d have definitely preferred the front view with the flowing fountain, but I like the combination of close-mid-far away subjects.