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Original picture here: https://randomibis.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/taiwan-a-picture-a-day-8th-of-january-dongshan-river/

I know what you may think: First Sunset of 2014 = the sunset of the 1st of January.


I had to wait until the 7th of January to actually see some color in the sky between 5pm and 6pm, and that picture was actually the first colorful(ish) sunset since early December, holy truckload of clouds.

But enough with my daily weather-rant, let’s talk about the location.

I was riding my bike by the cost and I passed by a famous red bridge that crosses the DongShan river next to a natural reserve. The sky was starting to show some red/orange glow in the distance so I headed to the center of the bridge, set up all my stuff and I took several shots. After processing 13 sets of 5 exposures and merging them in 13 HDR pictures I decided to keep this one as  the final result because it was the most well balanced shot. Other shots had an amazing reflection in the water but extremely weak colors in the sky, others had a better sky but flat, green water.

With fewer clouds it would have been a much better shot, but sometimes photography is not just about taking a memorable shot. It’s also a matter of taking a picture that you actually enjoy, and after over a month with no sunsets I loved spending half an hour on a bridge, taking pictures at a not-so-memorable sunset with trucks passing by behind me.

At the end of the river (well, actually at the beginning, but it’s a matter of perspective) there’s DongShan, Winter Mountain, and behind that is the beginning of the central range of Taiwanese mountains. My first target will be Taiping mountain, roughly 2000mts above the sea. When the weather is cloudy the top of Taiping mountain is covered in fog, so I’ll wait for a weekend of nice weather before attempting the climb.