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The picture you see as featured image in this blog entry looks totally different from the one that I uploaded in the “Taiwan”A Picture a Day” section, and the reason for that is the post processing.

The original picture is an HDR composed of 5 images:






(please keep in mind that WordPress doesn’t allow to upload RAW or TIF file, so what you see here are JPG files which means lower quality).

Using Photomatix to merge those 5 exposures together and increasing the saturation of blue, green and aqua tones (along with a few other minor changes) gave me the result that you may have already seen today:

SuAo Bay

I also cropped a small portion of the sky because it was not adding any detail to the picture and I prefer the wider look. I used Paintshop to selectively increase the saturation of the green areas in order to have the brightest one close to the viewer, slowly getting darker in the distance.

I liked the look of the picture, but I decided to try a different post processing style and go for a single exposure tonemapping.

SuAo BAy tm

The picture that I used is the 3rd one, which is the regular exposure. I increased light and saturation and then I applied a small amount of tonemapping. The final result is not exactly a real representation of the landscape that I had in front of me, but I like the fact that it almost looks like a painting.