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Have you ever wished for a 15kms private beach on the Pacific Ocean where you have the sunrise in front of you and sunsets occurring behind some 3000 meters high mountains behind you? If the answer is yes, you may want to plan a trip of a few days to Yilan.

The northern part of Yilan county has 4 main towns next to the seaside: Toucheng, Yilan City, Wujie and LuoDong (JiaoXi is incredibly famous for the hotsprings but it’s a bit far from the sea). Very often bicycle riders from Taipei will spend a weekend leaving the crowded city and riding all the way around the north-east corner of Taiwan to get to the more relaxed Yilan County. The first stop is usually Toucheng which is famous all over Taiwan for a beach where people enjoy surfing. Next to Toucheng there’s the township of JiaoXi, an ideal place to regenerate your tired body in one of the hot spring hotels: for around 5us$ per person you can spend 40 minutes or even more inside hot spring water, relaxing and giving some rest to your legs before you continue your journey.

BUT…that’s the famous area of Yilan. The best part is roughly 20kms to the south.

The big LangYang river cuts the county in two, and the Dongshan river ends his journey from the mountains right into the LangYang river next to the sea. This crossroad of rivers is an ideal place for fishing, but there’s more! South of the LangYang there’s a beach that’s roughly 15 kilometers long with no visitors or tourists.


Those far away hills in the distance are part of the SuAo bay, a place where I often go during weekends. As you can see from this picture the weather was amazing, the beach is beautiful (it looks black because of the natural color of the sand) but apart from a few fishermen there’s no one around. In 45 minutes I’ve only seen a young couple coming by bike to sit on some rocks and take a few selphies (sigh).

Talking with some Taiwanese, the common opinion is that no one goes to that beach because it’s not famous. A lot of Taiwanese enjoy going to famous locations such as the surfing beach in Toucheng, or Kenting, even if the place is crowded and not ideal to relax. This beach with no name along the coast of WuJie and LuoDong is phenomenal and the water is not very deep as well. It’s probably one of the safest swimming places I’ve ever been in Taiwan because there’s not a sudden jump in the level of the sea, so unless there’s a strong wind raising huge waves it’s perfectly safe.

The fact that few people know about this beach is a catch 22: Taiwanese don’t go there because it’s not a famous location, therefore the beach cannot become famous because Taiwanese don’t go there.

Part of me thinks that I’d be great to share this place with others and let more people enjoy the beauty of that beach. But the more selfish part of me thinks that a 15kms long private beach is not bad at all!

The northern tip of that beach starts at the conjunction of the LangYang river with the sea, next to the National Museum of Traditional Arts. The coast road goes all the way from the Taipei to SuAo, making for a great two days escape.