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Five Peak Flag


Wufen Ci, which translates as “Five Peak Flag” (roughly)  owes its name to the thin peaks that resemble 5 flags. this place is home to a wonderful set of 3 waterfalls. This place is conveniently located not far from the city of Jiao Xi, famous for its hotsprings.

the Third Level second take


The first 2 layers of the waterfall are usually always available to the public, bot for the top one, the biggest one that you can see in the black and white picture, you need to cross your fingers and hope that the weather will help you. The path to get there can be extremely wet and slippery, and not particularly safe. There are no guards and it would be pretty easy to cross the closed gate, but especially if you’re carrying a lot of stuff it can be a bit dangerous. When I went there the top level was closed, and since I was carrying several kilograms of equipment I didn’t feel like testing my luck, and I decided to skip the top level and save  it for a better day.



The entrance to the waterfall area is only 3kms from the Jiao Xi train station. You could easily rent a bicycle and get there in not time.

There’s a lot of beautiful places where you can hike around there. Even though the main attractions are the 3 waterfalls, there’s plenty of mountain paths that you can climb for as long as you want. If you’re hardcore enough you could even cross them and walk all the way to Taipei!

The black and white picture at the top of this page is the highest waterfall, shot from far away with a 50mm lens. I didn’t have any longer zoom that day, but hopefully next time that I get there the whole area will be open and I’ll put my wide lens to good use.