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I’m not really a “black and white” person. And I’m not talking about the meaning of life, the way to see things etc etc, I’m simply referring to photography.

I’ve noticed a trend in my pictures lately, and that trend is a massive presence of black and white. For me B&W is very rarely something that I plan right from the beginning. Take the following pic for example:

Train of Bikes


The first time I passed by that road I immediately thought:”I want to come back with my camera and take a picture, I think it will work nice in black and white”.

Most of the time, though,I start by taking a picture that in my head will work using rich colors:


This is just one of the 5 exposures that I took. The couple was walking very slowly and I thought that it would have been easy to remove ghosting in post processing, so I went for the HDR and I spent a good 20 minutes playing with the final result, failing to get a result that I could actually enjoy. Eventually I tried a B&W look and I found it much nicer.


At that moment I had the wide angle lens on, there was no time to change lens to something more appropriate,  a 50mm would have probably done a better job at isolating the couple.

Then there are days like today, when I pack everything and jump on my bike looking forward some nice, rich, colorful pictures full of contrast between the trees that don’t care about winter and are still green, those that turn red, those that are already completely brown, the plants with some flowers… Everything looks good until I get to my final destination and the clouds suddenly cover the sun.

Overcast weather usually works fine for B&W because it gives a very balanced and neutral light to everything. Black and white HDR is something that I do enjoy, and I’m fairly happy about the results that I got today, but I after a few days with little to no color I was really looking forward to play with the saturation and vibrancy sliders.

What saved the day was the discovery that a shoe can work as an amazing tripod, but more on this tomorrow on the:”Picture of the day”.