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Taiwanese night markets. How to describe them? It’s actually pretty hard if you’ve never been there, no other market in the rest of the world prepared me for something like this.

This picture from the night market in Tainan is a nice description: an endless flow of people walking in line, passing by an absurd amount of food stands and hoping that once they decide what kind of food they’d like to have there will be a sit available.

The reason why the picture is a bit blurry is that I was inside that river as well, and DON’T YOU EVEN TRY TO STOP. If you’re in a Taiwanese night market and you stop somewhere to get a picture you’re basically challenging natural selection while a stampede of people is running towards you.

If you manage to survive that part of the experience the food in Taiwan is great and I personally prefer night markets over restaurants. Restaurants often won’t serve traditional food because it’s incredibly cheap, but the fact that it’s cheap is in no way connected to the actual quality of the food. It remind me a lot of the traditional Italian cousine, where the most delicious dishes are actually based on cheap and “poor” ingredients, so a lot of restaurants in order to increase their income would serve those dishes in a more “gourmet” (?) style charging 5 times as much for no apparent reason.

Food suggestions will come later on in my blog, every city has some traditional dishes and they all deserve mention.

Most cities, especially the bigger ones, tend to have more than one night market. They’re often positioned far away from each other, some are mostly focused on food while others also have games (shot at balloons, match the colors, throw rings at some bottles etc etc).

For much less than 5us$ you can easily walk away full from a night market, if you manage to survive.

It’s not a shot for which I feel proud: handheld in a messy market, shot jpeg because I forgot to change the settings and basically out of focus because I had to shoot raising the camera above the crowd and randomly aiming in a general direction hoping that the camera would help me. It’s also heavily cropped due to some people’s heads at the bottom corners, so it lost a lot of detail.