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I like to write “farewell stories” for objects that I enjoyed for a long time. I previously did it for my long gone netbook here.

Today we talk about another friend that left me, the R.A.T.7.



The main reason why I got the RAT 7 in 2012 was the pinky rest. Ok, the mouse performs well, it’s precise, it’s extremely adjustable (even the weight) etc etc, but what always bothered me a lot from previous mice was the fact that I used to drag my pinky finger all around the table, and at the end of a 3 hours playing session it would have picked up all the dirt, rubbish and mold laying on my tabletop. I had to find a solution to that (and no, cleaning the table is not an option!).

If we talk about comfort, this is the best gaming mouse I’ve ever had. The ergonomics are just perfect, and that’s because it’s so adjustable that even him could find a good fit as well:



I’m not a huge fan of those gaming mice with 68 buttons, so the Rat 7 works great in that regard as well. Compared to a traditional mouse you get just 2 extra buttons for your thumb (and the one-the-fly sensibility adjuster), but apart from those everything is pretty standard.

Unfortunately, it looks like this model is not bound to have a long life expectancy. Just a few days ago it started randomly double clicking with the left button, a sign that the thin membrane below the button is getting worn out. A quick search on Google gave an unpleasant amount of results: it’s a fairly common problem for owners of this mouse.

Since warranty is already gone, I’ll let him retire and enjoy some rest in the “spare box of Doom”, which means eventually I may decide to give it a try and open it up to see if I can fix it, but his double-clicking fever turned out to waste a lot of my time already (I accidentally closed Paintshop without saving), so I won’t waste any extra time on it.

So now the quest begins (again), and I’ll need to spend quite a bit of time looking for something that’s comfortable to hold and performs well. Unfortunately the nearby computer stores only sells Razer products. which mostly feel like plasticky, overpriced, toy-like stuff….eh, the journey has begun.