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Today a 42km ride to Jiao Shi marked the end of the first month of my touring and photography project. During the last couple of months I’ve managed to learn a lot from the North-Eastern area of Taiwan, as well as getting used to my new camera.

December was absolutely awful.  Out of those 31 days I can only think of 2 sunny afternoons and just a handful of days without rain. January on the other hand has been a lot friendlier. It gave me plenty of occasions to travel around and take some nice pictures.

I decided to write this post as a recap in order to create a single entry with all the pictures I selected as “Picture of the Day” for the current month.

1st of January: Plum Blossom Lake

2nd of January: Luo Dong Sports Park

3rd of January: Ren Shan Botanical Garden

4th of January: Plum Blossom Lake

5th of January: Ren Shan French Garden

6th of January: Luo Dong Waterscape Island

7th of January: Anping Tree House

8th of January: Dong Shan River

9th of January: Joy Mountain

10th of January: Kenting

11th of January: Su Ao Bay

12th of January: Five Knots Beach

13th of January: Hualien 

14th of January: Five Peaks Flag

15th of January: Joy Mountain

16th of January: Tainan Night Market

17th of January: Luodong Forest Industry Cultural Park

18th of January: New Year Party, Luodong

19th of January: Xin Liao Waterfall 

20th of January: Sun Wukong, the Monkey King

21st of January: Aboregenal Costume

22nd of January: Qiu Valley Plaza

23rd of January: Old Friends, Old Enemies

24th of January: Hualien

25th of January: Nan Fang Ao

26th of January: Mazu, Goddess of the Sea

27th of January: Nan Fang Ao, fish market

28th of January: Sakura Blossom

29th of January: Mazu Temple

30th of January: Warm Day of Winter

31st of January: National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium 

And if you’ve been following my blog for a while and you’re already familiar with all the pictures from the month of January:

Have no fear, we got stories for years!