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Yep, good old Newton was right.

After blaming the bad weather for more than one month I finally had the chance to enjoy the sun. A couple of warm, dry and sunny weeks allowed me to visit many interesting places, and one of them was the location with the 3 waterfalls that I often mention in my blog.

If you’ve missed my previous entries, check it out here.

The good weather meant that the top layer of the waterfall was open! A nice morning ride led me to base of the peak and I decided to go for a remake of one of my old pictures to test my new lens.

Here’s the original:

the Third Level second take B&W


Here’s yesterday’s pic:

first level sigma


Where’s the water?

Apparently waterfalls need water to work, and the lack of rain produced the results that you can see in the above picture.

I blame you, Newton. It’s all your fault.

The top waterfall is only available when the weather is nice, but that means there won’t be much water. How do we handle that, Newton? Well, I’ll figure out something.