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scream 1

Scream 3



Scream 火舞團 is a group of young guys and girls who often performs in the local night market. Tonight I was looking forward to test my new camera in low light, so I was extremely happy to find them at the park.

As I mentioned in my previous post I currently only own a 50mm lens for my Canon 6D. Because of that I had to crop large portions of the pictures, which led to loss of detail.

The good news is that even at crazy high ISO the 6D is miles ahead of my previous camera, so I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a proper lens setup.

When I take pictures of Scream I always aim for that kind of look: a nice bright flame with the performer barely in sight and the crowd that fades in the dark. My 50mm lens is way too wide for that kind f photography but the f1.8 aperture helped a lot. I’m looking forward to meet Scream in the furutre when I’ll have a longer zoom with a fast aperture.