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This place has changed a lot over the course of the last year. This is a pic that I took today, 26/10/2014, and the following is a picture that I took last January.

Xin Liao


These pictures look very different because of different cameras, position and shutter speed. I did not have the tripod with me today and there was no way to take a long(ish) exposure from that position.

The small tree that was living on the rock at the top-left disappeared. Typhoons and tropical storm are not kind to small plants barely hanging from a rock near a waterfall. And all the colorful layers on the rock have been washed away as well. Without the tree (rip) I was able to get a better composition because the waterfall is now in clear view, but the new shot is missing the colors on the rock at the bottom left. Their leftovers are still visible but they’re not as colorful as they used to be.

During my next trip to Xin Liao I’ll carry the tripod with me. As much as I like the shot I took today, when it comes to flowing water I always prefer a longer exposure.