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Houdongkeng Waterfall

My first trip to the Houdongkeng Waterfall, in norther Yilan county. The waterfall did not have a lot of water because we’ve had several days of summer-like weather.

It was also the first trip with my new gear. I recently got a new lens, the Canon 24-105 f4 L, a new tripo from Fotopro and a Clikelite hiking  backpack. I was very pleased with the whole setup, but I especially appreciated the lend. My favorite lens with my previous camera was the Sigma 17-70 which on a crop sensor camera has the same focal length as the Canon 24-105 on full frame, so the range was immediately familiar.

When I arrived at the waterfall it was early afternoon and the sky was very bright. This shot is an HDR of 5 exposures taken with an ND filter to reduce the light.