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On rainy days it’s nice to have a walk outside and look for interesting subjects. The weather is not ideal for landscapes, but the cloudy sky creates a nice light and sometimes the lack of strong shadows can lead to interesting pictures.

I’m always fascinated by old bikes, walking around in Taiwan it’s easy to find bikes that can be 50 years old or even more. Some people keep riding them until they implode, in some other cases they’re just left abandoned somewhere. This bike though has found a new purpose, it’s being used as a rack to grow plants.


It’s an interesting idea, I wonder if in Spring I’ll get the chance to see the same bike surrounded by flowers.

The next picture is…well…weird.



I mean, the drawing itself is pretty interesting, but what puzzles my mind is that it’s been produced by kids of an elementary/junior school. Back in my days I used to have milk and cookies for breakfast, but it looks like kids nowadays prefer to have LSD-based snacks. It’s ok, I guess? Afterall it’s a different culture, I need to get used to it.