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A few months ago I decided to sell the Fuji Gran Fondo for 3 main reasons:

a) It was supposed to be the “It’s the weekend and we have some nice weather! Yay!” bike, but good weather is not an option around here. At least not very often.

b) The setup of Fuji Gran Fondo + Tcr was a bit redundant, and the Tcr is a bit trickier to setup for commuting/touring. The really compact frame makes it hard to fit wide tyres (25mm)+ mudguards, and taking the mudguards on and off the bike used to take me a lot of time.

c) In December my laptop had a critical failure and I needed $$$.

After 3 months with just one bike I found an amazing deal on a Defy of my size. It’s a 2013 model, the owner “used” it for one year but the bike is basically new. According to the condition of tyres, brake pads and the overall level of cleanliness I’d be shocked if that bike travelled more than 500kms.

I’ve made some adjustments in order to give it a more familiar feel:

a) Giant’s saddle and seat post are gone, replaced by Selle Italia Q-Bik and a Thompson Elite. They’re exactly the same that I use on my Tcr.

b) Giant wheels are gone, replaced by Shimano RS 31. They’re basically a cheaper version of the Fulcrum Quattro that I have on the Tcr. The great advantage of the Shimano wheels is that I can easily service them by myself with basic tools and if they happen to have any problem (loose bearings, broken spokes etc) I have a Shimano dealer 400 meters from home that can fix anything in no time. I’m currently using Vittoria Rubino Pro tyres, once they’re a bit worn out I’ll replace them with Michelin Lithion 2 for the summer.

c) Mudguards, yay!

I’ll wait until summer will kick in properly, then I’ll get a rack and panniers for touring.

The Tcr will be on holiday for a week or two. One year of commuting in this region has been really tough for the bike: I ride 20 to 30kms each day (if the weather is reasonably nice I take a longer route through the hills), my workplace is next to the seaside (salt and sand, ouch) and it rains for 6 months a year. After a proper cleaning of every part, re-greasing, lubing etc I’ll use it on sunny days, weekend and for indoor training.

Location of the picture: Plum Blossom lake, Yilan county. Shot with Eos-M.