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I don’t have GAS (“Gear Acquisition Syndrome”), when I can’t turn down good deals.  The only thing I dislike about my EOS-M is the autofocus. It produces beautiful images, but it will very often make me miss some shots due to horribly slow autofocus.

While I was browsing my local Facebook group for second hand photography gear I found someone selling a Panasonic G3 for 100$. That’s a camera released in 2011, and used to cost close to 700$ at release. I couldn’t say no.

Now the G3 and the EOS-M will probably fight for the same spot, I don’t really see a point in keeping both. I’ve enjoyed my single outing with the G3 because the autofocus is basically instantaneous. It’s supposed to be the substitute for my 6D when I don’t have the chance/will to carry with me the larger dslr, lenses and rest of the gear. While I do enjoy the EOS-m’s picture quality, I’m more interested into not giving up pictures due to my gear’s performance.

I took a few shots on a walk near home, the EOS-M would have performed well on 3 of them, but it would have taken a lot of time to focus on the cook. When taking pictures of people I want the autofocus to be as fast as possible, so +1 for the G3.

Art Sunset


Evening shift