My first Saturday off in a very long time gave me the opportunity to  have a look at some older pictures that I’ve never finished processing.

The cool thing about going back to old pictures is that it makes me realize the influence of mood in the post processing of photos. Sometimes I’ll have a look at a picture that I took years ago and processed in black and white, and suddenly think:”Wait a second, there’s a lot of nice colors in that picture, why did I use b&w? What was I thinking?”.


This picture with the jumping girl, when I took it months ago, I immediately thought:”Oh this one should work well as b&w!”. Today I picked it up, and “present-day” me thought that “few-months-ago” me was a fool, because it’s a picture with plenty of contrasting colors. So I processed it that way, and then I thought:”But maybe there was some truth in “few-months-ago” me’s words…”, so I processed it again, this time black and white.

Jumpy B&W

And I liked that too. I liked it in a different way, but still liked it. And then I felt consfused and I had a nap. If you have a preference, feel free to let me know, so that I can feel even more confused.


This picture made me sad, because I often enjoy taing pictures of flowers and insects but I don’t have a macro lens. I need to fix this lack of macro-ability.


Temple in the mist

I’ll try to process some more shots in the coming days/weeks, hopefully summer will help with some good weather and will allow me to have some hiking/cycling trips.