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Recently it has been very difficult for me to have small trips or free time that I could use to cycle around and take some pictures, which is the reaosn why I’ve not managed to update my blog in a while.

Last Saturday I went to the Leofoo Zoo. While I’m usually not a huge fan fo zoos, this one is catually quite cool. Not only does it also have many roller coasters and restaurants to enjoy, but even more importantly animals have a lot of space. Megamucca Nap

This one might have had TOO much space! Show some manners next time that I take a pic of you.Orango Tigre albina

It was the first time to see an albino tiger in person.Struttura

Hopefully I’ll have more luck in the coming future, and I’ll have more chances to update my blog with new pictures. Unfortuantely winter is coming (…) and the wet season is not a great period for hiking/cycling.