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alley 1 alberosi lakeside 1

Some images from the traditional arts museum in Yilan county. I’ll make a few separate posts to avoid creating a single entry with a ton of images. These images are HDR photos, the first one is an alley that look like an old-style Taiwanese road. It’s packed with stores selling traditional food, wood carvings, jewelry, cooking tools and other cool things. Red is the dominant color because it’s considered to bring luck and wealth, so during Chinese new year everything that can be decorated red WILL be red.

The following two images are from around the lake situated in the center of the museum. It’s a nice place to have a walk after eating a lot of traditional (often fried) food. The museum is quite far from the closest city (Luodong), so it’s possible to enjoy a nice view. The only real problem: mosquitoes. By the time the sun crosses the horizon, the place becomes hell, so if you plan to visit it make sure to leave in time.