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Wufengchi Waterfall 五峰旗瀑布Wufenqi


These are the 3 waterfalls of Wufengchi 五峰旗瀑布 area. The path leading to the top one (the second image) is closed during rainy periods, so I was only able to take a pic from very far away. I’ve used a Canon SX50 for this trip, I don’t have an ND filter (yet) so it was impossible to get a really low shutter speed and have a nice silky effect on the water. I’ve enjoyed using the SX50 a lot, so I’ll soon purchase a filter thread and some more accessories in order to transform it into an all-purpose camera. An extra battery is basically a must have, I can use my 6D for days with 1 full battery, but the SX50 after one day of shooting was in the red.

ragno frontale

SURPRISE. Not a waterfall. This “thing” was way larger than my hand. Harmless? Yes, but I’d not take him out for dinner with me.