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Here are some pictures taken at the Pacific Sutera Resort in Sabah, Malaysia. At the end of this entry, I’ll also add my thoughts about this place.piscinaIMG_5134Dxo  IMG_5167Dxo

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I’ve already uploaded the last image in my last post, I decided to add it here as well for reference. It’s basically the same place where I took the nightsky image, and it’s the private beach of the resort.

I’ve had the chance to spend 3 days at the Pacific Sutera Resort in Sabah. It’s hard to describe this kind of resort without sounding like some kind of sponsored marketing guy. The location is amazing, facing the west (sunsets!) on a small private beach, next to a port with boats that take tourists to other islands (for reference, check out my images on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/107755637@N06/ , all the pictures with the amazing blue water where taken on a island not far from the Pacific Sutera).

It’s also very close to the Imago shopping mall and there are some restaurants and shops around the resort, even though they require some walking by a very busy road. Asking the staff to call a taxi is usually much more convenient. The resort also has a shuttle bus service to shopping malls and the popular Sunday Market, at a much cheaper rate than a taxi.

The resort has a huge swimming pool and an open bar with draft beer and barbeque service. Inside the building, there are a restaurant, gym and a spa room. Breakfast is buffet-style, and there’s a huge variety of food available. Along with the ready-to-have selections, a couple of cooking stands offer freshly made omelettes, soups, pancakes and other delicious things.

The staff has been extremely kind and helpful during my stay, and the room was clean, comfortable and well covered by air conditioning. Weather in Sabah sucks, at least for my standards, due to extremely high temperatures and humidity, so it was nice to have some reliable air conditioning back home.

Now this is the part where some reviews would start with:”Unfortunately, …” or:”A negative aspect of the resort is…”, but I can’t. There’s literally nothing I could complain about.

You really want me to be picky? On my first breakfast the fries were not very hot, and I had to wait quite a bit in order to get my meat during the barbeque night. It’s worth noting that I went to the bar at peak time, and while I was waiting for the meat I enjoyed all-you-can-eat prawns, salads and other dishes.

The Pacific Sutera is not the cheapest hotel in Sabah but it’s also not the most expensive as well. If you plan to have a holiday there and don’t want to stay in the downtown area of the city, I cannot reccomend it highly enough.