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This is how Turtle Island (Guishan, 龜山島) looks a bit further south, That’s the iconic view that gave it the name Turtle Island. It would look even better from the mountains, but my rooftop will do. Turtle Island is a volcano and it’s very close to the coast, but due to humidity and haze it’s not easy to have a clear image of it from this far away. It looks deceptively close in my picture because:

a) It’s fairly big and rises above the sea by 400m, Yilan county is completely flat so even if it’s a few kilometers off the coast it always looks very close

b) I used a very long zoom to take this image, and it tends to “squeeze” everything in the image, making all the subjects look closer to each other than what they actually are

So there you have it, too bad it’s not wearing a hat today.