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“Clear” sunsets are not common in this region. Yilan has the Pacific Ocean to the East, and is surrounded by very high mountains in all other directions. Those mountains are covered in a tropical forest, which means plenty of humidity, which leads to clouds. Most of the times the Sun will hide behind the mountains and a thick layer of clouds will completely cover the last rays of light.IMG_6662Dxo

Sometimes though, the sky behind the mountains is clear, and we can enjoy the light of the Sun painting the clouds in pink, orange and…well, mostly pink and orange. IMG_6646Dxo


Being able to the clear sky behind the mountains in the late afternoon is a Summer-only event here.


All these images were just shot handheld from my balcony, no tripod/filters/long exposures or whatever technique. I simply stood there next to my plants and enjoyed the moment.


Right before sunset, an old man spraying chemicals on his rice field. That job really sucks. Not only are those chemicals not particularly healthy for humans, but in order to do so he has to dig chest deep in a swamp-like rice field full of mosquitoes and other nasty things.


And we also had the chance to see a fairly clear full moon! Here on WordPress images are a bit compressed and there’s a bit of artifacting around the moon.


It looks much better on Flickr but still shows some problems. On my pc the whole sky looks pitch black (thanks, Paintshop!), but you’ll have to trust me on that.