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I already wrote the full report of my day in Taipei on my previous post (http://wp.me/p3QdQb-xK). This new entry is just for some extra images. I prefer to split them in 2 separate entries because even though the images are JPG files they still have fairly high resolution, and a single 30+ images post wcould be painful for users on the go.


IMG_6489Dxo IMG_6471Dxo IMG_6458Dxo IMG_6463Dxo IMG_6438Dxo IMG_6448Dxo IMG_6418Dxo IMG_6435Dxo IMG_6430Dxo IMG_6424Dxo IMG_6420DxO IMG_6419Dxo IMG_6477Dxo IMG_6478Dxo IMG_6550Dxo IMG_6518Dxo IMG_6539Dxo IMG_6541Dxo